At the heart of this course is your instructor, a sim racing coach and a distinguished player in the Gran Turismo community. With over 500 hours of dedicated coaching experience and the remarkable achievement of reaching 100,000 DR (Driver rating) points—the maximum attainable in the game, I will bring a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and insights gained from extensive gameplay and coaching. This unique perspective ensures that the course content is not only grounded in expert understanding but also enriched with practical tips and techniques that have been proven effective in competitive play.

Whether you are new to sim racing or looking to refine your skills, this course offers a structured pathway to mastering Gran Turismo. From fundamental driving techniques to advanced racing strategies, you will learn how to navigate the complexities of the game, optimise your performance, and compete at the highest levels. Join me on this journey to unlock your potential and achieve racing excellence in Gran Turismo.

This section will provide a discussion on how one may manage the acceleration of the car through a proper understanding of throttle control. We will also learn how to use track reference points for making great decisions about when to accelerate in order to enhance speed and stability on the track.

This module will provide details of braking, focusing on the techniques such as trail braking that is used to exploit maximum efficiency and control. You will learn how to slow down effectively, prepare for corner entry, and then make a smooth transition back into acceleration.

We will look at strategies of car positioning from the best spatial positioning on the track to minimize lap times. This includes an understanding of flowing through the corners with the entrance, hitting the apex, and exiting wide, all while maintaining awareness of spatial positioning on the track.

This part discusses the steering techniques that would ensure very smooth and precise control of the vehicle while tackling the different categories of corners. It will put into discussion the smooth steering inputs and adjustments for understeer and oversteer with balancing and speed.

Here, we introduce advanced driving techniques, mastering of tire grip limits, and managing of weight transfer. They are meant to take your game really high in driving through giving further insight into car dynamics and really high in negotiating the complex scenarios while driving.

More About Me!

My name is Mihael Matika, and here are some of my achievements.

Top Gran Turismo Player: Out of 30–50 thousand players playing Gran Turismo each week, I generally am holding somewhere in the top 50, with multiple Top-10 finishes. I love the challenge and the thrill of competing at such a high level.

World Motorsport Games 2022 Finalist: I was able to compete at the World Motorsport Games 2022 and managed to get to the final, driving Assetto Corsa Competizione, which was a terrific experience.

Olympic Esports Series 2023: I finished 42 out of 166,328 in the Olympic Esports Series 2023 Motor Sport Event, making me in the top 0.03%.

YouTube Channel: I also have a YouTube channel with over 40,000 subscribers.

What To Expect

Drastically Cut Lap Times: By optimising car positioning, mastering racing lines, and refining steering techniques, you can shave significant time off your laps. These strategies allow you to navigate the track more efficiently, maintaining higher speeds and smoother transitions through corners.

Improve Overall Race Performance: Advanced strategies contribute to a more controlled and predictable driving experience, enabling you to tackle the most challenging tracks with confidence. By learning to adapt your driving techniques to the specifics of each car and the conditions of the track, you gain the versatility needed to excel in various racing scenarios.

What Do You Get From a Course?

From fundamental driving techniques to advanced racing strategies.

All For €49.95

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The course content is delivered through a combination of video tutorials, written guides and example laps. You can also join our Discord channel to get more information. Feel free to ask questions and join the discussion.

Sure, this course is my way of understanding tracks and adapting to changes. Lower rated drivers can find more and faster improvement, but there is always room for improvement at the A level.

Yes and no. Examples content of the course is made only for Gran Turismo 7, but driving techniques can be applied on other sims, as well as real life. 

YES. If you don't improve in the next 30 days, I'm offering a full refund. 

This depends on how much you practice, but from my previous coaching experience, C and lower rated drivers tend to improve in 30 minutes. B can take time, but in about 2 hours, you can feel the improvement. A rated drivers need more time since this is already very high level, but in a couple of hours improvement is expected. 

What People Say!

I wanted to express my gratitude for creating such valuable content for sim racing, specially on GT7. Your materials have significantly improved my skills, braking points, steering technique and reduced my lap times of course. Your approach to syncing videos with PDFs is excellent, reminiscent of my own online training methods for engineers. Now, it’s up to every student to keep practicing and analyzing the circuit to become more precise on their laps and strive to be the best. Thank you once again for your outstanding contribution to the sim racing community.


I enjoyed the course, it was very informative. I am working very hard to employ all the things from the lessons. Having said this, I am suffering because my style of driving was chaos, and this style is calculated. It will take me some time to change, but when it all clicks, I will be better for it.


I just wanted to tell you what happened. I finished the first courses until lesson: 4.2 –  Turning too much! I only watched the videos once (I’m planning to re-do them after I finish the whole thing for better understanding ), and yesterday I tested myself.

Before, I was a D driver, occasionally tapping into the C rank and falling out again. Just by listening to your course, after about 15 laps, I made pole position in C lobbies, and I finished two daily C races in 2nd and 3rd position. 

It is crazy! 

And this is just a beginning. I can see myself continuously growing until at least A or A+ . Thank you for your help!! Very much appreciated. Overall, I’m very happy that I purchased your Masterclass; it is a Masterpiece!


Courses Overview

Understanding Basic Throttle Control: Discover the fundamental principle of how throttle control impacts the behavior of your car on the track. Learn to modulate your acceleration to match the dynamic conditions of each race, enhancing your ability to maintain control and speed through various sections of a circuit.

Learning About Reference Points and Corner Stages for Optimal Acceleration: This lesson dives into the strategic use of reference points and the understanding of corner stages to optimize your acceleration. By identifying and utilizing these key aspects of the track, you will learn how to time your accelerations perfectly, ensuring that you’re maximizing speed without compromising control.

The Art of Braking: Transition from the basics to more advanced braking techniques, including the differentiation between straight line and gradual braking. Mastering these braking methods is essential for minimizing lap times, allowing for quicker deceleration and enabling faster cornering speeds.

Why This Course?

Exclusive Access to Detailed Breakdowns and Example Laps: Gain insider access to high-quality, detailed breakdowns of example laps, where best practices for both acceleration and braking are demonstrated by top racers. These examples serve as a visual guide to help you understand the practical application of techniques taught in the course.

Personalized Coaching Insights on Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: Benefit from personalized insights derived from coaching experience. Learn not only the techniques but also the common pitfalls to avoid, ensuring that your learning curve is as efficient and effective as possible.

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